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The veins of the ORO legacy trace back to 2009, when the distribution started from a small rented shop. This worthy lineage is well accepted across all the corners of India. Within a short span of time by 2013 ORO gained a popular name in the Dental Infection Control product range. ORO achieved accelerated growth and went on to become a preferred need in Dentistry with commitment, perseverance, and quality services.

The beginning of 2015 marked yet another significant milestone, where ORO started its export to international markets. We started marking our presence in the International exhibition with a whopping response.
We introduced Sure-endo to quantify customer’s demand with high-quality endo products. Carried the mantle forth by introducing modern, innovative ideas with smart services. Our products are now acknowledged globally in over 40+ countries.

Product from oro


Bite Tray Fluoride Tray Impression Tray Mixing Bowl Spatula Dispensing Gun Mixing Tips.


Bouffant Cap Face Mask Face Shield Implant Kit Patient Bib and Clips Dental Apron


Compule Gun Dental Plastic Tray Drinking Cup & Dispenser Endo Block Endo Boxes


Cheek Retractor Mouth Prob.

ORO is an established and reputed player in dental consumable products with superior quality and innovative technology. A trusted brand with the most comprehensive range of products to promote exceptional level of hygiene in dentistry. ORO goes beyond the core values of safety and effectiveness. ORO's vision and initiative is to enable dental practices across India and abroad stay hygienic and completely devoid of any infections. ORO – not just in the business of dental consumables, but in the business of creating a No Infection Zone

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