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The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, Limited (BBTCL) is a 150-year-old company. The company founded its fortunes on teak in the year 1863 , as a public company, and everything that followed is history. The company is a leading concern of the Wadia Group , a reputed Indian business house with interests in healthcare,plantations, foods, textiles, chemicals, electronics and light engineering , and real estate. Bombay Burmah, Bombay Dyeing and Britannia are the mastheads of the Wadia Group.


Today, BBTCL is one of the few oldest companies of pre-independence era, still flourishing with its core values, ethics and above all, competency in trade. It is the second oldest publicly quoted company. The BBTCL Group has an annual consolidated turnover of 1.2 billion dollars. The Company has diversified its interests into tea, coffee, other plantation products, biscuit and dairy products, auto electric and white goods parts, weighing products, horticulture and landscaping services, healthcare products (viz.) dental and orthopedic products.

Our Range of Products

Dental Instruments and Equipment

Precision Handpieces: Explore our high-performance handpieces crafted for accuracy and durability, ensuring efficient dental procedures. - Endodontic Instruments:

Restorative Materials

Composite Resins: Experience our range of aesthetic and durable composite resins for seamless restorations that blend naturally with the smile. - Dental Cements: Choose from our selection of reliable cements for bonding restorations and ensuring long-lasting results

Preventive Care Products

Fluoride Treatments: Protect teeth from decay and strengthen enamel with our fluoride varnishes and gels, available in various flavors for patient comfort. - Dental Sealants

Orthodontic Solutions

Brackets and Wires: Discover our orthodontic brackets and wires designed for precise tooth movement and optimal patient comfort during orthodontic treatment

We believe in making quality dental care accessible to all, offering competitive pricing without compromising on product quality or integrity.

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