Meta Biomed

Meta Biomed

META-BIOMED CO., LTD., founded in 1990, has evolved into a leading manufacturer of medical devices contributing to global healthcare. Their portfolio includes biodegradable surgical sutures and dental products, exported to 80+ countries. Through persistent R&D, they’ve gained recognition for innovative and high-quality products, positioning them as a technology-intensive enterprise. Currently, they’re advancing into orthopedic bone restoration materials, reflecting their commitment to bio-engineering excellence. With a focus on creativity, challenge, and social responsibility, META-BIOMED aims to create value, satisfy society, and advance the medical industry.


Meta prduct range


Gutta Percha Point Absorbent Paper Point Metapex Metapaste ADSEAL CeraSeal MD-ChelCream MD-Cleanser NexPost Nexcore EZFIL Aurum Blue Aurum Pro Aurum G


i-ROOT Rootor ES-100 EQ-S EQ-V Genesys EQ-Condenser


Biner LC Meta Etchant Meta-P&Bond Nexcomp Nexcomp Flow Metacem MD-Temp Plus Nextemp LC/HV NETC Imflex Imflex Bite


BoneMedik-DM Sorbone

At META-BIOMED, we understand the importance of our social responsibility towards improving human life and health. That's why every member of our team is dedicated to making a positive impact on society and our customers. We strive to uphold the spirit of creativity and challenge in everything we do, with the ultimate goal of creating value and contributing to the continued development of the medical industry.

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