About DMG

DMG has been shaping advancements in dentistry and dental technology since 1963 through collaboration with users. They focus on holistic solutions and validated workflows to simplify work in dental clinics and labs. Their innovations include microinvasive caries treatments and digital workflows for 3D printing. Committed to progress, 20% of their workforce is dedicated to research and development. DMG aims to create high-quality, advanced solutions that benefit both users and patients, emphasizing digitalization, modern restoration, and preventive care. Their motto, “Quality meets future,” reflects their forward-looking approach to dental progress.

Products of DMG

direct composite fillings

impression materials

temporary and permanent prosthetics

3D dental printing

DMG offers a comprehensive range of dental products, including materials for direct composite fillings, impression materials, temporary and permanent prosthetics, and various accessories. Their product lines include notable items like LuxaCore Z Dual for core build-ups, Honigum Pro for precise impression taking, and Kolorz ClearShield varnish for fluoride treatments​ (DMG America)​​ (DMG Dental USA

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