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Bondent is a brand dedicated to providing integrated services and digital solutions for dental medical institutions. Its solutions include not only self-developed implants, orthodontics, root canals and imaging. Bondent is expert in conducting dental technology training, creating a new and healthy dental medical ecosystem.

Bondent Group has its own brands such as: UDG, Bomedent, Boncare, Semorr among others that focus on research and innovation, to create a quality oral health platform, rigorous and careful to allow the constant development of dental products complying with the highest standards.

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UDG (United Dental Group) is a line founded in 2012. Its dedication is to manufacture and provide worldwide solutions in orthodontic products and endodontics, exporting to more than 100 countries with CE and FDA approved certificates. As for endodontics you can find: rotary root canal files, endodontic motors, obturation instruments and endodontic accessories.

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